IT / Telecommunications
  • Cellular phone interface, web browser compliance testing
  • i-mode, i-mode compliance testing, message i-appli functions test
  • FOMA Browser Application API specifications
  • Certificate download function implementation description
  • TSP command Mep system spec
  • PES output process, PCR output process, TSOUT output process
  • V-Kernel task management
  • Video input, video decode image parameters
  • Fifo component external spec
  • Data buffer

Mechanical (Industrial-machinery & tools)
  • PET bottle molding technology-Injection & blow mold
  • CNC turning tools
  • Roll lathe

Chemicals, paints and dyes
  • Delivery specifications - photographic films
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of hazardous material

Business / Finance
  • Business plan & policies-future business policy
  • Financial year results-sales achievement
  • Market analysis
  • Business compliance declarations
  • Global Market trend
  • Mobile phones: Market anticipation & Sales plan monitoring
  • Business email communications
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Consolidated Balance of Payments
  • Business Review Committee Data: Activity efforts towards productivity improvement
  • Invoicing, auditing, accounts payable
  • Sales and marketing, product survey, customer satisfaction survey, product improvement analysis, product research

Medical / Health care
  • Medication adherence scale
  • Children's behavioral check list, Language development survey, Childhood Epilepsy
  • Mental/eating disorders
  • Clinical trial, report
  • Pain inventory & patient's assessment about Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy
  • Questionnaire on thrombocytopenia (low platelets)
  • Questionnaire related to COPD like chronic bronchitis

Automotive-cars & trucks
  • Research & Experiment technology-Research Reports
  • Model integration & transfer
  • In-car devices

  • Newspaper Articles
  • Birth certificate (Notarized translation available!)
  • Marriage certificates, memorandum of marriage (Notarized translation available!)
  • Educational certificate, degree certificate, mark list (Notarized translation available!)
  • Certificate of registration of Public Trust
  • CV, license, Chef's license
  • Residential/Legal documents
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • School/College educational textbooks/lessons
  • Proofreading of 92k words in general domain

Internet, Website content
  • Classifieds website
  • Cattle care management
  • Company website content

  • Animal husbandry
  • Pets care, Pets management
  • Software for farmers, radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • Food and dairy patents
  • Wood, forestry, timber
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