Don't let your Birth Certificate be a hindrance in your visa process!


Obtaining visa is an inevitable step to travel abroad. Translate Birth CertificateJust like all other necessary documents, your birth certificate must be submitted for your visa process. However, your birth certificate will not be accepted by the visa authorities if it is in local languages like Marathi or Hindi. Even a bilingual birth certificate may not be sufficient as the English text may not match completely with the regional language content. It will be accepted only when it is translated by a professional translator.

For accurate and punctual translation of your birth certificate, contact Varsha Translations today!

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Language Pairs
  • Marathi to English ( मराठी > इंग्रजी )
  • Hindi to English ( हिंदी > अंग्रेजी )

Types of Documents
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate/Memorandum of marriage
  • Educational and other certificates or documents (Degrees, Diplomas, mark sheets, etc)
  • Personal/business letters, other communication
  • Licenses, questionnaires, surveys and many more...


  • An endorsement certificate duly signed & stamped by the translator stating translation is true and done by professional translator is issued along with the translation. It makes it a "Certified Translation" of the certificate.
  • The translation is then notarized, so it makes it a "Notarized Translation".
  • The translation is sent to the client through courier service.
  • Usual delivery is within 48 hours from receipt of the document for translation.

Usual Process
  • Client sends scanned version of the certificate via email to the translator. (Client is requested to use a scanner for this purpose)
  • The translator finishes the translation.
  • The translation is certified (endorsement certificate with translator's sign and stamp) and notarized by GOI notary and sent to the client by courier.
  • Soft copy of the translation is emailed to the client in PDF format
  • Licenses, questionnaires, surveys and many more...

For any question or more information, please contact:
Phone: +91-9619581592
Indian Translators Association ITA

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